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Takeaway website design, elegant, functional and at the right price.........

Takeaway website design is what we specialize in, providing great feature rich websites designed around your business. Just ask for an instant quote and compare the features you get with websites designed by our web design company and other agencies, we promise you will be amazed. We always offer affordable web design to all of our customers.

Our takeaway web design and development is built with quality and functionality in mind, aimed at increasing your business sales and to retain customer loyalty.

We use CMS (Content Managed Systems) to develop all of our websites. Websites built using CMS enables your businesses to have a functional websites which are feature rich, allowing you to update content yourself, including functions such as newsletter subscriptions allowing bulk communication of offers to be sent to your customers, contact forms, on-line ordering systems, timed content and much more. Takeaway online sales have increased dramatically and more and more customers are now ordering their takeaways using online food ordering websites.

The Process

Our takeaway website design and development process for online food ordering websites is very comprehensive and ensures you get the best solution for your business and customers, full of functionality and user friendly for your customers. 

Initial Contact 

Once you contact us we will take down all the details and requirements to provide you with a fixed cost, which we are sure you will be amazed at based on the standard features you will get. See our Price Packages for more details.

Stage 1 - The Concept

Once the initial contact stage is completed we will start to web design process. Once we have completed the concept design based on your requirements we will then upload this to our demo servers for you to test and approve. Once you have approved the concept design we will then continue to the next stages.

Stage 2 - Main website design and development

The website for your online food ordering takeaway will now be completed including the food ordering menu and all other functionality. You will be updated throughout the process. Once completed we will test the website and then upload onto our demo servers for your approval.

Stage 3 - Final Testing Stage

At this stage the takeaway website full testing will be undertaken which includes testing with the WiFi Internet Thermal Printer, processing test orders and cross browser and platform testing. We always fully test all website design projects on all major browsers and operating platforms to ensure full compatibility.

Stage 4 - Going Live

Your takeaway website once fully tested and approved by you will then go live. The WiFi Thermal Printer will be configured for you and dispatched by special delivery. We will contact you to assist with the printer set-up to your internet router via telephone support. It is a simple process which takes normally 5 minutes as the set-up is to just enter your WiFi Key for your internet router as you would for your mobile phone or just to push your Ethernet cable into the back of the printer.

Stage 5 - Support and Training Stage

Full training and support will be provided to enable you to log into your admin section. We will provide support at all times including any minor updates. Web Design 360 prides itself in giving the best customer support and service.

Stage 6 - Google SEO Stage

Your takeaway online food ordering website will now be submitted to all major search engines and we will perform SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This will ensure your website will be found on the internet when your customers search for your takeaway or keywords related to your takeaway. This also involves the creation of Google sitemaps and other search engine sitemaps.

Takeaway Website Features (Click title for more information)

This stands for Content Management System. It allows you to update your websites content including adding and deleting items and products. It is feature rich which means you can even time content to appear as and when you like. However the admin panel is simple to use.

Your customers will be able to place orders from their mobile devices without downloading apps. The website automatically detects the device and adjusts itself to feel, look and act like a mobile app.

Try our demo's to see for yourself.

Demo Takeaway Website 1

Demo Takeaway Website 2

Demo Takeaway Website 3

All of our takeaway websites go under rigorous testing to ensure they work on all the latest mobile devices and browsers.

The main ones are;


Iphones, Ipads, Andriod Phones, Andriod Tablets, Laptops, Windows Based Phones, Apple Mac


Internet Explore, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera 

All the takeaway websites will have advanced discount voucher systems. You can set many rules for discount voucher codes as below;

  • Set the start and end dates for discount codes
  • Set if can only be used 1 per customer or as many uses as you like
  • Can set for it to be used by the first x amount of customers. So you can set it for fist 100 customers
  • You can also set it for the minimum order value before it gets applied
  • You can set the code to appear once a customer has registered and logged in

And there are much more rules that can be used as single or combinations.

You can have extra production options based on yoru menu. For example such as a Pathia Curry can have a base of Chicke, Prawn, Lamb, Beef etc. All of our systems can handle products options.

You can also charge additional prices based on the option.

Our on-line ordering websites also have a unique advanced Intelligent Dependant Options system. This means that based on the selection the customer will be presented with options based on that selection. As per the Pizza example below

Customer has option of 12 inch, 14 inch or 16 inch. The customer selects the 12 inch. The system will then present the customer with all the options priced on the 12 inch pizza in one box. This will have options such as extra toppings when clicked yes it will display the available toppings with the prices based on the 12 inch pizza and then any other related options that may have been set.

This can also be used with any takeaway food choice like kebabs, burgers, meal deals and is completely flexible.

See the demo link and just select the pizza option to see it working. 


All of our websites will take Credit Card / Debit Card and Cash Payments. The main gateways we integrate with are Paypal and World Pay and Sage. 

You can send newsletters at a click of a button to all of your customers informing them of them of the latest offers and news. This can be done from the back administration of the system and is very easy to do as you just type in the message and click on send and that's it.

With the on-line ordering system you also get a WiFi Thermal Printer which prints all orders as they happen. It is an intelligent printer which will check your website via internet connection and print your orders instantly and also alert you with a ringing tone.

The orders are printed with all the details in a logical order. The printer can be connected to your broadband router via WiFi or Ethernet cable. You can also connect a WiFi dongle if you do not have internet or you can even tether the printer through your mobile phone internet connection.

Our system also has advanced post code radius options. This means that you can set how far you deliver to and the system will automatically calculate what delivery method is available to the customer.

So for example you can state that you only deliver within a 3 mile radius and after that you charge £1 per mile, the system can be configured for this.

We will do this for you as part of the initial set-up. You can also set a minimum order value for deliveries. There are many options available to ensure you get the correct options for your business.

As part of the on-line ordering design we can add your social network links and feeds. So we can add a Facebook feed to the website so as when you have news you can just post to your Facebook wall and it will synchronise to your website automatically.

We can also do this for photo gallery feeds from Facebook.

This feature allows your website to display content when you set the date and time for this and then disable this at the time and date you set. This is useful if you have a special promotion of a discount voucher code your want to display and then remove once finished. This can be set on your website so you can set these in advance and not worry about things and continue with your business.

All of our website designs include hosting. Our hosting is business class hosting to ensure your website is always running. We ensure we monitor our servers and perform ad-hoc backups on your website.

Another great feature is customer reviews. This allows customers to leave comments on your website. However these are not displayed unless you approve them. Once a customer leaves a comment you will be notified via email and then you can review the comments and if applicable you can enable the comment and it will then get displayed on your website.

Customer reviews are great as many of us always look at reviews before we try something new, it's human nature and now with information being available instantly people always look for reviews. The system also allows you to manually input your customer comments which may have been left by your customers placing telephone orders.

All on-line takeaway ordering websites also allow adding of extra charges for credit or debit cards. So you can add an extra 50p as a processing fee for credit and debit card transactions.

All of our websites are designed with a find us page. This included an interactive Google map with your location. We also add a Click to Get Directions button. This is useful for when customers are using their mobile phone and want to find you. They simply click the button and it will open the Google maps on their phones for allow them to start the satellite navigation.

Automated Business Hours is a feature which sets the trading times on an automated schedule to match your business hours. This can also be changed and you can add any holiday periods where your business is closed.

The system will automatically start and close the checkout based on this schedule on a daily basis.

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