When entering into a business agreement with Web Design 360 please ensure you have read and understood all the terms and conditions below.


Terms and Conditions of Business

1. Web Design 360 will always require a deposit in order to start any project as there are initial costs related with any project and this is non-refundable as the work undertaken is bespoke to your business and requirements. By making an initial deposit you the customer are agreeing into entering a contract and based on these terms and conditions as outlined in this page.

2. Web Design 360 will provide a number of website designs within reason and also at discretion based around your requirements.

3. As a customer you must ensure that your requirements are specific and provided in written format (email, whatsapp, text message etc) otherwise Web Design 360 cannot guarantee accurate delivery of a website design or functionality

4. Once the initial design is completed Web Design 360 will host this on our demo servers, for you as the customer to approve or request any changes to be made. We will allow reasonable amounts of changes to be made, however we will not continue to make changes on an unlimited basis. Web Design 360 will work with you the customer to ensure we provide the best solution for your business.

5. Once approval is made by you the customer, Web Design 360 will then continue with the project to completion stage.

6. Web Design 360 will allow you to make any small changes to your website project prior to the website going live.

7. Once you have approved the final design, full payment will be required and then once full payment is received Web Design 360 will switch your finished website to live status. Once full payment is received the project is deemed as completed and approved for live status.

8. Web Design 360 cannot provide any refunds as we charge a fixed/flexible price based on the hours worked and changes required by you the customer as part of the design and development contract and any associated costs. All work undertaken is bespoke and at your instruction.

9. All images used by Web Design 360 from our stock library will be royalty free and also licenced for commercial use on our servers. Web Design 360 will not be liable for any content provided by you the customer as this is your responsibility to ensure the legal status of all content.

10. Web Deign 360 will try and complete work within given or agreed timescales, however we cannot always guarantee this as based on your requirements and any changes required which will add extra time to the project.

 11. Web design 360 do not take any responsibility for loss of business based on website downtime. All of our websites and hosting is monitored and Web Design 360 have an up-time of 99.99%, however if any downtime occurs Web Design 360 will do our best to ensure your website is not affected.

12. All outstanding invoices must be settled promptly, either prior to the website going live or with 2 months of project start date, whichever is the sooner.

13. If you agree and make a deposit payment for Web Design 360 to commence on your project you will be automatically agreeing to all the business terms and conditions as outlined on this page.

14. Our business terms and conditions can change at anytime if required.

15. Any updates provided after your website is live is done at discretion by Web Design 360 and may be subject to additional charges as it will fall out of the scope of the original requirements and may require additional resources.

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