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Web Design 360 provide the best ecommerce website designs with exceptional functionality to all of our customers. This is what we always aim to offer. Our ecommerce websites have many flexible features and also offerings and are made with the customer in mind. Just look at all the features you get with our ecommerce website packages, starting at only £495.00.

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eCommerce Website Design Package Features

  • Sitemap Open or Close

    We always include a sitemap for your ecommerce website design to ensure that customers can find whatever they want on your website.

  • Advanced Product Filters Open or Close

    To ensure your customers can find the product which they are looking for easily and quickly we have added advanced filters. A customer can search for products using colour, size, price, brands and other criteria.

  • Compare Products Open or Close

    The ecommerce website design system also has product compare ensuring that your customers can pick products to compare against each other. This feature is great for products like mobile phones, computers and other tech items. You can also apply this to household appliances and other products also. Making your ecommerce website design flexible and user friendly.

  • Latest Products, Sale Items and More Open or Close

    Our ecommerce website systems also come with automatic placing of products, so when you put something on sale it automatically appears in the sale section. Also every time a new item is added it will be placed into the latest products section. All of these can be displayed on the front page making your site look different every time a customer views your ecommerce website.

  • Sales Reports Open or Close

    Included are a set of in depth sales reports for your ecommerce website. They include sales reports with advanced filters such as type of products sold, date ranges, products viewed. These all help you pinpoint your best sellers.

  • Multiple Tax Zones Open or Close

    Another great feature of our creations are that you can set multiple tax zones if required, a truly flexible ecommerce web design for your business.

  • Responsive Design (Mobile Ready) Open or Close

    Your website comes with a fully responsive design. This means that your website will detect the device automatically and then present your content in the required format. Hence no need for mobile apps. The websites are tested on all mobile devices including Android & Iphone OS and also cross browser platforms such as Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari and others.

  • Social Network Integration Open or Close

    Your website can also be integrated into all the major social networks such as twitter, facebook, linkedin and others. We can add social network links, share this page etc. This ensure you get the maximum business exposure to make your business a success.

  • Optimisation Service Open or Close

    All of our websites are built with optimisation in mind and we will ensure the correct keywords are included in your website to obtain the best ranking possible.

  • Web Address and Hosting Included Open or Close

    We can also add for no extra charge a or .com domain name. If you already have a domain name we can get this pointed to our servers and the first years hosting is also included. Our hosting is done on business class hosting servers and we do not use shared hosting. Your website will be backed up on a regular basis in case of the requirement for recovery of the website.

  • Bespoke Website Design Open or Close

    When we start to build your website we start from a blank canvas. We don't use templates as the website is build around your business. This means each of our website designs are tailored around your business and at the same time ensuring we offer the most affordable website design possible.

  • Flexible Shipping Methods Open or Close

    One of the most important features of any ecommerce website design is the ability to ensure you have accurate shipping. Our system allows you to set shipping methods based on weight and also zones and countries. You can also integrate weight based shipping methods and also other shipping methods such as Citylink, Royal Mail, Pick up from store, Royal Mail and many others.

  • Plenty of Payment Gateways Open or Close

    Our ecommerce website designs always have plenty of payment gateways, including Paypal, Worldpay, Amazon, Sagepay, over 30 payment gateways to select from. Also remember the ecommerce website designs we create are modular so they can always be extended to meet extra needs if required.

  • One-page checkout Open or Close

    The main thing with every ecommerce website is that it needs to be customer friendly and ensure all processed are easy. With our system your customer will get a 1 page checkout to ensure the transaction is smooth and easy.

  • Discount Codes Open or Close

    All of our packages come with these and it allows your ecommerce website to provide discount codes to your customers to promote your website. So on Facebook, leaflets you can have discount codes and these have very flexible and advanced features.

  • Related Products Open or Close

    The ecommerce website comes with these features to ensure you can relate one product to another, for example a customer views a hair dryer you can have related products such as hair brushes, hair straighteners and anything else which may be related. So these products will show alongside the hair dryer and the customer may well purchase these also.

  • PCI Compliant Open or Close

    Our ecommerce websites are all PCI Compliant which means Payment Card Industry compliant. This means that our ecommerce website software used is compliant.

  • Product Reviews & Ratings Open or Close

    Product ratings and reviews can be an important part of any online retail business. People often read reviews and then make a decision based on the reviews, so if you you want the business to grow then this is a great way of adding value. The ecommerce website will have this feature and you can either switch it on or off. You can also moderate all reviews as an added feature.

  • Multi-Currency Open or Close

    Our ecommerce website designs all come with multi-currency as a standard. The system will automatically link into currency rates and calculate the correct currency on a daily basis, so you don't have to.

  • Unlimited Options Open or Close

    With our ecommerce website design we always ensure you have unlimited possibilities as we never limit. Unlike other webdesign companies they limit the number of products, categories, images and charge based on volumes.

    Well we do not believe in this as once we design your ecommerce website, it is your to keep without limits simple as that.

    • Unlimited Products
    • Unlimited Categories
    • Unlimited Images
    • Unlimited Product Sales


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