Takeaway Online Food Ordering Package

Our takeaway websites are flexible and always created based on your requirements. We have many years experience in designing great websites for takeaways. Below are the main features of our takeaway online food ordering systems.

The price for our online food ordering takeaway websites start from only £695 and include the Wifi Thermal Printer which is designed and created for taking online orders. This gives you great affordable website design for your takeaway. The printer does not require any form of computer or laptop to be attached. As soon as an order is completed on the website the printer will print this order, it also has a range of audible alarms so you are always alerted of new orders. The system is tailored to meet any type of takeaway websites from Indian Takeaways to Pizza Shops. It can also be used for cake shops and other food related businesses.

The online food ordering system has many flexible features and these are listed below.

Click on the headings to get more details of our great takeaway websites.

Takeaway Online Food Ordering Website Features

  • No Commissions to Pay Open or Close

    Your online food ordering website is yours. We do not charge any monthly fees or commissions. Like some other agencies may charge a seemingly low upfront fee and a monthly charge of £100 or so. This tie's you into their system as they still own your domain and website and every year you will end up paying thousands of pounds. Also there are no guarantees that the fee's they charge will not go up.

    We believe that you should own the domain name and website just as you own your business. So we will only charge you for the work we do and you are the owner of the website, domain and printer.

    As a test always ask that the domain name is registered under your business name and ask for ownership proof via the whois database.


  • Automated Business Hours Open or Close

    Automated Business Hours is a feature which sets the trading times on an automated schedule to match your business hours. This can also be changed and you can add any holiday periods where your business is closed.

    The system will automatically start and close the checkout based on this schedule on a daily basis.

  • Additional Charges for Payment Methods Open or Close

    All online food ordering websites also allow adding of extra charges for credit or debit cards. So you can add an extra 50p as a processing fee for credit and debit card transactions.

  • Contact Form Open or Close

    We will also include a contact form based on your infomration requirements requirements. The contact for can also include drop down options, radio buttons and check box's. This is also linked to yoru websites newsletter email system. This means that every customer enquiry email is stored in your website for future email marketing, we try and ensure we do the best for our customers.

  • Bespoke Website Design Open or Close

    When we start to build your website we start from a blank canvas. We don't use templates as the website is build around your business.

  • Delivery Times Open or Close

    You can have your delivery times set. This may happen if your establishment has day time collection only and in the evening you offer collection and delivery. The Online Food Ordering System can cater for this.

  • Responsive Design (Mobile Ready) Open or Close

    Your website comes with a fully responsive design. This means that your website will detect the device automatically and then present your content in the required format. Hence no need for mobile apps. The websites are tested on all mobile devices including Android & Iphone OS and also cross browser platforms such as Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari and others.

  • Advanced Post Code Radius Options Open or Close

    Our system also has advanced post code radius options. This means that you can set how far you deliver to and the system will automatically calculate what delivery method is available to the customer.

    So for example you can state that you only deliver within a 3 mile radius and after that you charge £1 per mile, the system can be configured for this.

    We will do this for you as part of the initial set-up. You can also set a minimum order value for deliveries. There are many options available to ensure you get the correct options for your business.

  • Unlimited Pages & Modular Open or Close

    Once your website design has been created it is easy to add more content and pages. The pages can be added by yourself so you can modify your site as you like, or you can also ask us to do this for you. This saves you cost in trying to pay for a new website every time your business expands or changes.

  • WiFi Internet Thermal Printer Open or Close

    With the on-line ordering system you also get a WiFi Thermal Printer which prints all orders as they happen. It is an intelligent printer which will check your website via internet connection and print your orders instantly and also alert you with a ringing tone.

    The orders are printed with all the details in a logical order. The printer can be connected to your broadband router via WiFi or Ethernet cable. You can also connect a WiFi dongle if you do not have internet or you can even tether the printer through your mobile phone internet connection.

  • Full Statistical Reporting Open or Close

    You will also get a statistical reporting tool to ensure you can keep track of all your visitors. This allows you to check how well your business is doing on the internet.

  • Newsletter System Open or Close

    You can send newsletters at a click of a button to all of your customers informing them of them of the latest offers and news. This can be done from the back administration of the system and is very easy to do as you just type in the message and click on send and that's it.

  • Optimisation Service Open or Close

    All of our websites are build with optimisation in mind and we will ensure the correct keywords are included in your website to obtain the best ranking possible.

  • Payment Integration - Credit Card/Debit Card and Cash Open or Close

    All of our websites will take Credit Card / Debit Card and Cash Payments. The main gateways we integrate with are Paypal and World Pay and Sage.

  • Social Network Integration Open or Close

    Your website can also be integrated into all the major social networks such as twitter, facebook, linked-in and others. We can add social network links, share this page etc. This ensure you get the maximum business exposure to make your business a success.

  • Intelligent Dependant Options - Unique Feature Open or Close

    Our on-line ordering websites also have a unique advanced Intelligent Dependant Options system. This means that based on the selection the customer will be presented with options based on that selection. As per the Pizza example below

    Customer has option of 12 inch, 14 inch or 16 inch. The customer selects the 12 inch. The system will then present the customer with all the options priced on the 12 inch pizza in one box. This will have options such as extra toppings when clicked yes it will display the available toppings with the prices based on the 12 inch pizza and then any other related options that may have been set.

    This can also be used with any takeaway food choice like kebabs, burgers, meal deals and is completely flexible.

    See the demo link and just select the pizza option to see it working.


  • Edit Your Website's Text & Images with Ease Open or Close

    Our content management systems are really simple to use. You can access your website's secure admin area from your phone, tablet, laptop or computer. We will provide you with full support and training to ensure you get the most from your website. When you make a change to your website it is reflected instantly on the live website. This gives you total control over your website content. You can have timed content which ensures you can create content in advance and just schedule it, to come live and then expire as you require.

  • Google Map Open or Close

    Your website design will also include a google map of your location and on the mobile view we can set it as a button to send them to google maps to get directions to your business by use of their mobile phone navigation. So no need for them to try and enter the address into their sat nav, just press find us all is done.

  • Product Options Open or Close

    You can have extra production options based on your menu. For example such as a Pathia Curry can have a base of Chicken, Prawn, Lamb, Beef etc. All of our systems can handle products options.

    You can also charge additional prices based on the option.

  • Web Address and Hosting Included Open or Close

    We can also add for no extra charge a .co.uk or .com domain name. If you already have a domain name we can get this pointed to our servers and the first years hosting is also included. Our hosting is done on business class hosting servers and we do not use shared hosting. Your website will be backed up on a regular basis in case of the requirement for recovery of the website.

  • Discount Voucher System Open or Close

    All the takeaway websites will have advanced discount voucher systems. You can set many rules for discount voucher codes as below;

    • Set the start and end dates for discount codes
    • Set if can only be used 1 per customer or as many uses as you like
    • Can set for it to be used by the first x amount of customers. So you can set it for fist 100 customers
    • You can also set it for the minimum order value before it gets applied
    • You can set the code to appear once a customer has registered and logged in

    And there are much more rules that can be used as single or combinations.

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