Content Management Systems – What are they ?

If you are looking for a website for your business, shop, or portfolio, you may have heard the words CMS pop up many times. CMS means Content Management Systems. A CMS, or content management system, can be a vital part of producing your business website. We will discuss the main benefits of using a CMS website for your business and what you need to take into consideration when selecting a company to design that all important website for your business.

At Web Design 360, we use WordPress platform to run our site. This is one of the most popular CMS platforms as it is quick, responsive and has many excellent features.

Irrespective of which CMS you choose, you’ll need to buy a domain and hosting before you can create a website. At Web Design 360 we provide excellent hosting on our super-fast servers which are optimised for CMS website hosting.

WordPress is very flexible and can be applied for small or large business websites. WordPress CMS can be designed to run small business websites from single page websites, blogs, large corporate websites, portfolios, real estate property, web directories, You Tube Channels, and anything else you can think of.

As well as being flexible in what you can achieve with WordPress it is expandable and has many different plugins to offer a wide level of applications.

You must also remember that setting up a WordPress site you must always look at all angles of ensuring you get the best from the website like

  • Optimisation – you can test your website by using GTMetrix see the link. This allows you to test your websites performance and see our other articles of Optimisation. You can use our website as a test base.
  • Security – It is imperative that your site has good levels of security to stop hacking and ensure your data is secure and private. The last thing you want is your website to be used to propagate any types of virus or security risks and get blacklisted
  • Licenced Images – All images and graphics on your website must be licenced properly otherwise you could face heavy fines under copyright laws.
  • Disaster Recovery – Any decent website must have a process of recovery. This ensures in the worst-case scenario you can recover your website quickly with minimum downtime.
  • Submission – In order for your website to operate effectively and be found submission to search engines must be undertaken correctly.
  • Analytics – Important is to make sure your website traffic is monitored, and you can see your marketing is effective.
  • Hosting – High quality hosting is vital to give your customers the best experience of a lighting fast website. Your host must have the configuration to make sure it serves CMS websites correctly.

There is much more to this which should be taken into consideration when looking at getting a good website which works for your business.

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So why not come to Web Design 360 and we can do this all from just £245.00 and save yourself the blood, sweat and tears.

Jay Haque
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Had a website done for my takeaway and it was just fantastic. The price was amazing and delivery was quick without any hassle.
KhuramDKR Accountants
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I am very pleased with Web Design 360 and their service. They have given me a great website with an excellent design.
ShafiqSylhet Spice
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I have had over 3 websites designed by Web Design 360 over the years and they have always been over and beyound my expectations.
Mr AlamMint Cuisine
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I have now been with Web design 360 for many years, they always give me the best service and at the best price.