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Stock photo’s and copyright issues – could your business face heavy fines

You may ask why cannot I use photo’s from Google or Facebook or any other online medium. The fact is that many images and also graphics are protected by copyright laws. Too often

You may ask why I cannot use photos from Google or Facebook or any other online medium. The fact is that many images and graphics are protected by copyright laws. Too often many people are not aware of this.

“many of the stock images have digital markings and can be tracked on the internet.”

By using images or graphics which are not labelled for commercial use you could be in the line of fire for some heavy fines from the companies who own the commercial rights on these images or graphics.

Some customers who have come to us after being fined for using non-licenced images have stated “it’s the web designers’ responsibility”. Unfortunately, that is not seen to be true by the law as it is the responsibility of the end user or business to ensure that all content on their website does not violate any copyright regulations.

So, in short you are responsible for checking and if you use a cheap web designer or agency from outside the UK then you may be in for a shock if you get a fine through the post.

If you are caught using a copyright image without permission or appropriate licences, then you may be required to attend court. This can be expensive, as it often results in the user of the image paying the cost to use the photo, plus legal costs of themselves and the copyright owner and possibly other financial compensation for copyright infringement, which may amount to more than the cost of a licence to use the image.

All types of images can have copyright requirements and almost always on google or any other search engine you will find that images have copyright.

“I can’t get caught as how do they know”, well many of the stock images have digital markings and can be tracked on the internet. he owner will just wait and after a few months you will get a fine by post for copyright infringement. This includes evidence of your website screen captures with dates and the traffic which comes to your site.

You can get more information from the Government website by following the link We at Web Design 360 are always conscious that everything we use is correctly licenced so as you the business does not face issues in the future. We subscribe to stock libraries for graphics and images so you are always protected.

So be careful of using web designers from other countries who may seem very cheap when getting a websits designed, or it may end up costing you a lot more in the long run and affect your business.

Jay Haque
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Had a website done for my takeaway and it was just fantastic. The price was amazing and delivery was quick without any hassle.
KhuramDKR Accountants
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I am very pleased with Web Design 360 and their service. They have given me a great website with an excellent design.
ShafiqSylhet Spice
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I have had over 3 websites designed by Web Design 360 over the years and they have always been over and beyound my expectations.
Mr AlamMint Cuisine
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I have now been with Web design 360 for many years, they always give me the best service and at the best price.