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At Web design 360 we create some of the most effective online food ordering systems in the market.

thermal printer for online food ordering website design

Online Food Ordering Website Design Specialists.

Web design 360 have been developing online food ordering websites for takeaways and restaurants for many years. We know exactly what the requirements are for online food ordering for takeaways and restaurants.

"Why pay high commissions or hiddden costs when you can have your own online food ordering system."

Zero Commissions

That's right the online food ordering site we create for you has no commissions. So you can you goodbye to paying high amounts of commission from your money. Also all the sales go straight into your account directly.

Created for Mobile Phones

The entire online food ordering website is designed around being mobile friendly. We test all our takeaway and restaurant websites on the latest mobile phones. This ensures all websites for food ordering are responsive and easy to use.

WiFi Thermal Printer

An intelligent WiFi Thermal printer can be added to your package. This is optional as some of our customers have an email option. The WiFi Thermal printer will print all you orders and allow you to confirm this to the customer.

Customer Marketing

All customer data is stored securely in your system and you can use this information to send out any latest offers you may have or any news.

Delivery Area

Our Online Food Ordering systems come with ability to set your delivery area by driving distance. These are flexible and allow for additional options based on your delivery rules.

Ability to Update

You can update your online food ordering website at anytime. You can change prices and add or remove products yourself or you can always ask us. It is a totally flexible website solution created around food ordering.

You Own It

The entire system is owned by you, so in the future you can be assured that there are no nasty surprises like, sneaky commissions or hidden costs being added.

Advanced Options for Pizza Takeaway

You can allow customers to have discount codes for purchases to increase sales and these are flexible and can be build around your takeaway or restaurant website requirements.

Offers & Discounts

Your website will be submitted to all the major search engines. We will do all the tech stuff so you don’t have to. We will optimise your new website so that it passes all the new Google Speed checks.

Over 10 Years Experience

We have over 10 years experience in creating exceptional restaurant websites packed with functionality. So you can be assured you will get the best every-time.

Online Secure Payments

Options of ether cash payments or online secure payments are built in as a standard. Any payment made by card or Paypal will directly to your account and you are the owner of this so no hidden costs unlike others.

Submission & Optimisation.

Your website will be submitted to all the major search engines. We will do all the tech stuff so you don’t have to. We will optimise your new website so that it passes all the new Google Speed checks.

Demo online food ordering website.

We have put together a demo online food order website so you can see first hand how flexible our online food ordering websites are.

This website is a live website we have created for one of our customers. The website has many options as listed below.

Pizza Options – Extra options for pizza base, pizza toppings and more.

Meal Deal Options – We have created meal deal options such as pizza deals, kebab deals and much more.

Delivery Options – The website has flexible delivery options, collection or home delivery based on google driving distance.

Customer Registration – Customers can register to have a quick and simple checkout process so they don’t have to enter repetitive information for every order.

Responsive Design – The website has been designed to work on all types of devices including Iphones, Android Phones, Tablets, Laptop and many more.

Cross Browser – The online food ordering website as been tested with all types of browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE to ensure it works correctly across all devices and browsers.

A picture of web design for Farz's takeaway in Golborne, Warrington.

web design for Restaurats and takeaways

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